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Fatalamanga Studio began it’s life in New York City in early 90’s. It was and still is run by Balé, Zoran Bulatovic ( mainly as a personal studio to record music he was doing for various projects including Film, TV and Theater music. The studio is centered around Logic Pro, which Balé used even before it become APPLE branded software. Back in NYC Balé was one of the founders of NYLUG, New York Logic Users Group and was affiliated with most prominent Logic users and producers in NY area. Current studio keeps it’s modest setup, enough to produce quality recordings for the current projects. Here are a couple of recent recordings made for various Fatalamanga Theater Shows

Mina’s Waltz

(Quori Senza AirBag)


(Hansel e Gretel)


(Hansel e Gretel)

Visit my BandCamp page, there you can hear much more of my music