The True Trulli’s Truth Show is a collaboration project between Fatalamanga23 and TECHNE Centro Artistico Educativo from Alberobello. The idea for the project raised from desire to offer interesting, provocative, bizarre  and funny explanation of the origins of Trulli’s  . There are many stories about the origins of Trulli’s, some are plain fiction, some came from the perspective of rich people who’s history holds records of their perspective on the subject, then there’s narrated perspective that survived generations and there’s OUR perspective. It has pretty much nothing in common with nether ‘official’ or ‘non-official’ versions, but, we guarantee  you, it’s definitely the most interesting one and it will make your head spin ……. for days. Is there connection between Trulli’s and Egyptian Pyramids ? Which ones were made first, who actually build them and maybe most importantly HOW ? The same shape of both structures is a coincidence ? Think again.

If you like to be challenged in your beliefs you’ll love the show. If you are football and reality shows kind of person, you’ll be better off staying in front of TV, just don’t bother……actually, you should stop reading right NOW.

Cast and Crew:

Davide Gigante, Davide Tauro, Giulia Costanza Colucci, Mayan Bulatovic, Mirko Gigante, Roberto Marraffa, Silvia Mastrangelo, Silvia Testone
Music; Zoran Bale Bulatovic