Romania Meeting 13-17 Jun, 2015

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Saturday  13  June  
Participants  arrival  and  Welcome dinner in Sighisoarea.
Sighisoara is one of the oldest and intercultural city in Transylvania.The only inhabited fortified city in Europe, a  UNESCO  monument.
Sunday  14  June
Because we are at the end of the project, during this visit we will organize meetings regarding the project with the stakeholders. Other participants   will be involved in other, definitely more interesting activities.
Project meeting session and in parallel there will be a visit in the medieval part of Sighisoara town and a visit on the City Museum. After that will   be organized an excursion in a natural protected area, specific for Transylvania, a landscape known as the “Breite” a result of interaction between Saxons population and Transilvanian
The housing place is near to he medieval part of the town and is easy to have a walk in the  town. landscape, a uniquely way in which the history shaped the Nature in Romania.

Monday  15  June
Project  meeting  session and in parallel the other part of the group will go to Viscri, a traditional Saxon village,  after accommodation they will take part in a workshop holed in a traditional forge house, after that we will visit the village and the fortified church.
In the evening, the other group from Sighisoara will  arrived in Viscri and all together will take part to a moment which repeat each evening in the village,  but in the same time unique, we will waiting the herd of cows and in a traditional house we will take part at  the cow milking.

Tuesday  16  June  
A workshop in a brick oven, experience the traditional way how the people making their own brick for their houses. In the evening we will have a carriage ride in to the village.
You  will  discover  the unique and interesting way in which local people built the house and organized the household.
Closing  ceremony.

Wednesday  17  June  
Participant  departures