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The European Commission has launched the new programme for Education,Training and Youth starting in  January 2014:

Erasmus + replaces the Lifelong Learning Programme and also its actions Comenius and Grundtvig:
Some important changes have been introduced with the action K1 addressed to training and mobility of teachers. The main change is the new procedure to get a grant and attend an In Service Training Course or Event abroad (IST). There is no more a distinction between Comenius/Grundtvig schools and the action is open to all educational institutions.
But teachers will not apply anymore directly to the National Agency but to their school managers choosing destination and type of the course. Then the school, in the frame of a mobility project, will submit an application to the National Agency and will get the grants for their teachers.

If you want to put our PIC CODE in your application the number is:


About the course

Each of us remember at least one teacher who made a deep impact which we carry for the rest of our lives. Some of them actually set the course of our own life. What is that they had and the other teachers didn’t ? What made them so good ? They had a passion for what they were doing, it was the passion and of course their knowledge that made the difference. Some people just have it naturally, others appear to don’t have it, but we believe that everyone ‘has it’ and it’s just a matter of finding, exploring and nourishing ‘that’ aspect of their personalities in order to become ‘that teacher’. The fact that there are still both kinds of teachers means that the subjects we want to teach are still not explored enough and even less put in practice. Simply,’ the more passionate and secure you feel when teaching the better you will be in doing it, even when teaching difficult groups (disabled,social minorities,etc)’

How we will do it ?

We will use theatre, music and painting to awake creative-artistic forces in teachers and make those forces inseparable part of their teaching methodology. This training will help participants to find , explore and nourish the passion for teaching. It will try to ‘polish’ teachers personal way and style of teaching, incorporating methods used by artists standing in front of the audience !!! This will help teachers find their ‘own voice’ and ways of approaching difficult groups such as adults, disabled, social minorities, etc. With work practice through painting, music and theater by facilitating the affinity of participants for different art forms. The main ‘guide’ of the course will be Vasilij Kandinskij , who in his theoretical works sees a close connection between the work of art and the spiritual dimension. The color, shape, word and the music have physical and psychic effect, where it’s psychic effect is due to the spiritual vibration through which it reaches the soul. Combining different art forms results in bringing out the ‘inner tension’ or spiritual energy which can be ‘transferred’ on audience-students.

Teachers are conductors and the class is their orchestra. All students play different instruments A teacher’s job is to develop skills and make these instruments come to life as a coherent whole to make Music !!!

Where ?

The course will be held at ‘Fatalamanga Art Farm‘, near Alberobello (Bari) in the region of Puglia (Italy).
The course will have morning and afternoon session, with lunch break at the Fatalamanga Art Farm. Participants will have  option to stay in a Hotel located in the center of  Alberobello, famous for its unique trulli constructions and part of the UNESCO World Heritage.


As for accommodation, you’ll have two options.
First option is to let us arrange everything, lodging, meals and all transportation during the course
for € 640
( contact us for details)

Second option is that you arrange it all on your own

Each training session is 7 days

(9 days including day of arrival and day of departure)

The course fee is € 490

Should good teaching be entertaining ?

You bet!

Does this mean that it lacks in substance ?

Not a chance ! -


Daily Program
After daily sessions, participants will have the opportunity to visit nearby historic and cultural sites if they desire to do so. We will  provide you with all necessary information and means to make your staying experience with us as rich, informative and pleasant as possible.

Day 1 – Arrival

Day 2
Morning Session
– A presentation of participants and the teachers. This is a cornerstone in setting up a friendly and a supportive environment which will be essential thru out the coarse.

Afternoon Session
– Introduction to Kandinskij’s ideas. After teachers presentation the discussion will be initiated from which we would like to hear from each participant how much, if any, of those ideas they knew even before reading Kandinskij’s book and if any of them were already used in their teaching practices.
Day 3
Morning Session
– Hatha Yoga: introduction to Hatha Yoga.
Introduction to Philosophical Painting :Theoretical part of Philosophical Painting presented by a teacher. Color and the shape, movement by the hand. What is that drives a hand to go to one or other direction ? Is it coming from the mind or from the heart ? Which one gives ‘better’ result ? How to distinguish one from another? Find your preferred color (it may not be the one you thought it is). ‘Many hands’ work on one picture.
Afternoon Session
– Practical Philosophical Painting

Day 4
Morning Session
– Hatha Yoga exercises
– Introduction to Kandinskij Theater
Afternoon session
– Theatre activities: “Group Exercises” and “Figure on the stage”:how one’s figure looks and feels on the stage (classroom) ?

Day 5
Morning Session
– Dance movement.

- “Hear Your Voice” part I: participants will individually enter the recordingstudio and read a text which will be recorded.
Afternoon session
– “Hear Your Voice” part II”: Listening of recordings by participants. Their own impression of their voice coming ‘from the other side’.
– “Interpret the Music”: how will your reading of the same text be influenced (or not) if accompanied by a music?
Day 6
Morning Session
– Theater exercises with focus on Voice. Exercises to open the voice and improve rhetoric abilities.
Afternoon session
– Practical Philosophical Painting

Day 7
Morning Session
Participants choose one of 3 groups to participate, Theater, Music or Painting. Divided groups work on a small project.
Afternoon session
All groups get together and continue to do their activity but this time, in connection with the other groups.
Day 8
Morning Session
– “Tell Others”, this session is reserved for anyone who can contribute to the previous sessions by teaching others something that he/she thinks can be useful to others.
Afternoon session
– Evaluation of the course.
A time for everyone to express their impressions of previous 6 days. Group evaluation and a time for additional questions. Establishing the ways of continuation of collaboration.
From 19h Party :-)
Day 9 – Departure


- Good teachers work the room and every student in it -


Here’s what we sent to the participants of our last The Art of Teaching course prior to their arrival, it’s interesting, check it out, Click Here

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